About Me

Hello! My name is Julie. You can call me Jules, but only if you spell it correctly. Some interesting info about me:

I was a bartender for about 15 years before starting my own spray tanning business. I’ve worked all over Philly, Jersey, and Delaware and I’ve seen a LOT. Nothing surprises me.

My family gets together every week for dinner. We laugh, we fight, we eat, and then laugh some more. I love it and hope it never changes.

Temple University has been in my family for generations – my grandmother, mother, and sister are all graduates. I’m beyond proud to follow in their footsteps.

My son is my pride and joy. He helps me realize that life doesn’t always have to be taken seriously. He’s 100% right. 

I’m a lover of all things chocolate, witty comments, and thinking outside the box. I’m passionate about turning ordinary products into clever, memorable ads. It’s what I do best.